60s Weekend Breaks For Everyone

60s weekend breaks

60s weekend breaks afford a great way to enjoy a weekend break with entertainment from the 60’s that will keep everyone dancing. There are some incredible 60s weekend deals suitable for both couples and families who are looking to get away and enjoy themselves during a weekend break. You can find stellar deals on hotel and entertainment packages if you know where to look.

Weekend 60s Breaks

Hotelsbythesea.co.uk offers many choices for holiday weekend breaks including themes featuring the 60’s. They feature standard rooms as well as luxurious rooms that will provide 3 nights of fun with breakfast, lunch and dinner with entertainment that is live each night. This a great way to have loads of fun while taking a break and enjoying 60’s live entertainment. Bigweekends.com offers a large list of 60s weekend getaways that can provide an entertaining break. There are hotel rooms that have self-catering facilities from £42 per person and rooms on a full board basis including breakfast, lunch and dinner for £91 per person. These prices include the entire 3 night stay. Entertainment features a festival with 60’s bands that are full of great songs from swinging bands and groovy acts that will leave you wanting more. There are many incredible tribute bands that will bring you to the dance floor twisting the night away. Wear your favourite beehive hairdo and mini skirt with platform shoes or zoot suit and suede shoes, and jive all night long to the beats of the groovy bands.

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