6 Unique Bathrooms around the Globe

When “nature” calls, you know you have to “answer” right away. But when you’re in a different country, bathroom horrors such as filthy and foul-smelling toilets are enough to make you ignore your persistent toilet needs. Fortunately, several countries have enough sense of toilet humour (literally) and artistry to come up with one-of-a-kind bathrooms. These matchless toilets are sure to give you a pleasurable and entertaining bathroom experience . . . and we mean the wholesome kind.

Check out photos of the unique bathrooms here!

R-Bar in United Kingdom. Both guys and gays will surely be blown away with this bar’s urinals. Bright red and shaped like widely open lips, the funky urinals await the lads out for a bladder break in this gay joint in Brighton. Similar urinals can be found in the “toilet bar” of Vienna in Austria.

Sofitel Queenstown in New Zealand. The luxurious Sofitel Hotel gets everyone talking and leaves every guy conscious with its life-size photographs of female “sightseers” seemingly scrutinizing the guys peeing with binoculars, glasses, cameras, and even a tape measure. This bathroom probably brings out guys’ insecurities more than the gym shower rooms do.

Semi-transparent toilet in United Kingdom. Enter if you dare is the challenge posed by this unique toilet in UK. An exhibit of an Italian-born artist Monica Bonvicini in 2003, the public toilet in front of Tate Britain Gallery in London is entirely made up of semi-transparent glass. You can see the passers-by in the bustling street from the toilet, but what happens inside remains a secret between you and the urinal.

Bar 89 in New York City. Those who trust the marvels of science surely won’t have qualms using this unique restroom in the Big Apple. Designed by Janis Leonard from Phoenix, it features clear glass stalls which get covered with frost once a person goes inside. The amazing science techniques have never failed ever since, so you can rest assured that your bathroom rituals remain concealed.

Dolce & Gabbana Gold in Italy. Pamper your bottoms with unparalleled luxury in D&G Gold restaurant’s restroom which elegantly bathes in glitzy gold. From the ceiling to the floors, the washroom is swathed with golden bamboo, and all the lavish glitter is reflected by the huge mirrors. If all the gold is not enough, get inside any of the bathroom stalls, which are all equipped with plasma-screen televisions playing Goldfinger.

Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong. Everything in the 7,000-square foot-suite has been touched by Midas’ hands, including the bathroom which is entirely covered in genuine gold. Sit like a king or queen in the restroom’s “throne,” a 14-karat toilet and bidet. Showcased as a Hang Fang jewellery showroom, the luxurious loo features nearly three tons of gold and is worth 33,000 GBP.

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