5 things to do in Kentucky, USA.

Kentucky, one of America's better known southern states, is famous for its bourbon, its tobacco farms and most of all for the Kentucky Derby. We've searched the web and come up with a list of 5 things to do in the Bluegrass State, as recommended by the Guardian.

The Kentucky Derby. With over 150000 visitors each year, 'the greatest 2 minutes in sport' and the weeklong party that accompanies it, this famous horse race, the Derby is well worth a visit.

Louisville. With the opening of many new museums and galleries, Louisville is rapidly developing its cultural appeal. Learn something about the city at the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Frasier History Museum and the award winning Louisville Science Center.

Muhammad Ali Center. Honouring the city’s most famous son, this interactive museum will let you relive Ali’s most celebrated fights, such as the bout against George Foreman which gave him the world heavyweight title for the second time.

21C Museum Hotel. Voted America’s best hotel by Conde Nast Traveler’s readers, this Museum/Restaurant in historic Louisville is the perfect place to truly experience the best Louisville has to offer.

The first KFC. See exactly how the KFC chain started at the first Kentucky Fried Chicken venue, which now includes a museum, a rebuilt kitchen and office.

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