5 Spas Celebrities Love

They attend numerous press conferences, battle their way through streets against a horde of paparazzi, and bathe under (more like “endure”) the super hot spotlights. Unlike mere mortals like us, celebrities have to work hard and still stay beautiful, or their pictures end up in some website or magazine accompanied by caustic comments from some bitter Hollywood hack. Here are some of the massage heavens the rich and the famous retreat to after a hard day of being glamorous.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso Spa in Mexico. Jessica Simpson says that this spa’s infinity pool is her favourite spot on earth. And other big celebrities such as the Olsen twins and Charlize Theron agree that it’s just like heaven.

Popular treatments include the Nopal Anti-Cellulite Detox Wrap, perfect before steamy hot scenes with its amino acids and detoxifying body mask. Celebs who are sulking heavily because of their weight instantly feel good and skinny as Nicole Richie with the Phyto-Marine Mask & Slimming Wrap.

Aroma Boma at Ulusaba in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve in South Africa. This beautiful, secluded spa effortlessly wards off the “SPAparazzis,” what with menacing lions and cranky water buffalos watching over the premises. No wonder celebs such as Will Smith, Salma Hayek, and even the Duchess of York love this nature-themed spa. The Beaute Neuve facial with fruit acids keeps celebs’ skin smooth and perfect for tight shots.

The Bathhouse at Calistoga Ranch. The rustic-chic bungalows have been witnesses to some of the celeb happenings such as Marcia Cross’ beau’s proposal and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s romantic dates.

Aside from the miracles that seem to bless the celebrities’ love lives, spa treatments such as the Calistoga Cure—a mineral mud bath, linen wrap, and polarity therapy—also magically releases energy blockages.

Sava Spa in New York City. This upper Manhattan hideout has secretly pampered Uma Thurman, Natasha Richardson, and Kyra Sedgwick. The bare-all Brazilian bikini wax and moisturizing Honey Milk Body Wax prep up the gals for lingerie scenes.

Como Shambhala at Parrot Cay. This stimulating spa has been the secret rendezvous of many celebrity couples—Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Stars such as Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Roberts and not-so-radiant-anymore celebs such as Whitney Houston and Britney Spears have frequented this haven, too.

Heavenly treatments of Marine Algae Therapy (with mineral-rich seagunk for stimulation of metabolism) and Javanese Royal Lular Bath send celebrities to nirvana.

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