5 Sky-High Destinations Around the World

Nothing beats getting high, and we’re not talking illegal substances. If the idea of literally having the world at your feet excites you more than Britney’s latest video, then go over this list of sky-high destinations, and prepare to be taken up to stratospheric heights.

La Paz, Bolivia. Fancy a golf game in the sky? The world’s highest golf club allows you to swing amidst “fairways that flirt with the clouds,” 3,000 metres above the ground. Its 18 holes perched at dizzying heights are set against magnificent landscapes.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA. David Jin dreamed of enabling tourists to fly like eagles into the Grand Canyon. That’s why he built a 1,200-metre-high bridge above the Colorado River. U-shaped and glass-bottomed, this aerial walkway allows 120 people at a time to peer through the platform beneath their toes and enjoy views of the Grand Canyon in all its glory. The Skywalk, which is even higher than the Empire State Building, brings visitors among steep gorges and clouds—assuming, of course, that all of them have a strong resistance to vertigo.

Cloud 9 Bar, China. You’ll need nerves of steel to climb up to over 365 metres and order a drink in this Grand Hyatt bar. Perched on the 87th floor of the Jin Mao Tower, one of Asia’s tallest buildings, Cloud 9 takes lounging to new heights with its 360-degree panoramic views of the Huangpu River, Bund, and Shanghai’s financial district. The viewing deck is one floor above, and we suggest a sip or two of the house cocktail Polaris to steady your nerves. Some claim the Earth’s curvature can be seen from the deck, but then again, it could have been the effect of the Polaris!

Luna Runtun, Ecuador. Experience blissful massages 4,000 metres above sea level. Renowned as the world’s highest spa, Luna Runtun is situated within the World Heritage Site Sangay National Park, offering travellers relaxation spiced up with a little bit of adventure, and a magnificent view. While the heavenly rubdowns -- ranging from foot massage to Reiky -- soothe and relax, adventure activities such as rafting, hiking, and Amazon Rainforest treks stimulate the giddy travellers’ senses.

Bloukrans River Bridge, South Africa. The Bloukrans River Bridge offers the ultimate adventure with its knee-shaking 216-metre-drop. This is the world’s highest bungee jump, offering a heart-stopping escapade more terrifying than a parade of prowling lions. Getting to the jump point is an exploit in itself; serious thrill-seekers have to hike along the 216-metre walkway, which offers the bonus of breathtaking views. Visitors who aren’t there for the adrenaline rush can simply enjoy views from the observation deck and listen to the screams of those brave enough to jump into the void.

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