5 fun places for 5-year-olds

Farmamerica (The Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center). Farmamerica offers family fun through a hands-on experience of tending to animals as well as accomplishing house chores done in the 1800s fashion. Children learn to interact with other species, and find fulfillment in taking on new tasks. Research shows that the way children interact with animals is proportional to the way they will treat human beings.

Young Dance studio. Young Dance is located in Minneapolis. They offer classes for children 3 years and above. This is a great way for children to discover new roles as they watch and imitate adults dance – be it ballroom or hiphop. Not only will they be able to make use of excess energy, it will give them rhythm too!

Broadway in Ol’ New York. A play is basically art in motion. Taking kids to a musical is an awesome way to keep them entertained. Not only are there several roles played, it introduces them to different periods in time as well as inspires them to create scenarios of their own.

Your local grocery. There are no flights to plan or crazy itineraries involved. Groceries are the best places for parents to give their children the responsibility of making a selection. With a wide variety, no kid will be trapped in boredom.

Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf. They call it the palace of living art. Unlike most listed above, the Wax Museum will amuse them as they create conversations, occupations and various ideas in their heads. They may not know the figures, but there’s nothing like listening into the thoughts of a five year-old.

Pictures of the above mentioned can be found here

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