5 Cruise Destinations to Discover

Landlubbin’ is so last year. Next time you go on a holiday, try viewing the world from a different perspective. Go on a cruise! Here you can sail away from your worries and still have modern comforts – swimming pools, golf courses, cinemas, shopping centres, and even spas – at hand.

Alaska. Visit the land of totem poles, dog sleds, and Sarah Palin: Alaska, where tens of thousands rushed to make a fortune in gold mining in 1897, where humpback whales feed in the summer, and where the highest national park in the world – Denali National Park, perched on Mt McKinley – is located. Towering over its freezing waters are impressive glaciers; those along College Fjord are even named after Ivy League schools, with Harvard being the largest. You might even be lucky enough to catch the “Galloping Glacier”, Hubbard Glacier, break off with a deafening crash into the water.

The Caribbean. Slather on the sun block and you’re all set to indulge in the sun, sand, and sea. With a pick of over 7,000 islands under the bluest skies, an abundance of water activities ranging from mellow to hopping mad, and schools of exotic fish swimming through stretches of coral reefs, the Caribbean is a living tropical paradise. Drift to Martinique to see the Pompeii of the Caribbean, St Pierre; coast along Aruba and enter the heart-shaped “Tunnel of Love”, Huliba Cave; and glide by St Barts to spot a celebrity or ten. You can even shake your booty in Trinidad’s Carnival, and go bird-watching in Tobago.

The Mediterranean. Hit three birds with one stone. In this case, the birds are actually continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe. A sea “in the middle of the land”, cruise ships travelling this route stop in Albania, Lebanon, Libya, and a number of other countries. Step off the ship and have a blast in Barcelona’s hip discos; immerse yourself in the 8,000-year history of Crete; or take in a summer concert in Minorca. Indulge in perfume from Tripoli’s souks; sniff at the spices in Morocco; or conjure up images of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony’s love affair on the shores of Alexandria. If not, well, you can always try the food.

The Nile. Slithering through this historic river brings to mind pharaohs, gods, and biblical plagues, a place so fascinating it remains the subject of numerous documentaries and discoveries today. After all, this is Egypt – one of the most intelligent ancient civilisations – which brought us astronomy, geometry, and even cosmetics. A cruise might take you to the grand Temple of Luxor where the ancient kings and their divine selves were joined through an 11-day festival. You might even spot the endemic crocodile, whose head Ammut had, a demoness who punished the wicked by eating their hearts.

Nowhere. Yup, you read that right. A cruise to nowhere is all ocean, without stopovers on ports. You can just laze on deck with your music player, gazing at the vast expanse of sky and sea. Perhaps you’ll find the meaning of life while listening to seabirds caw. Maybe you’ll fall deeper in love with the special someone you brought along. Or you could just get some well-deserved rest, pampering, and fresh air while gazing into the fathoms below.

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