48 Hours In Paris

First of all, rest assured, this isn’t the third Eddie Murphy-Nick Nolte action buddy comedy where they go all Rush Hour and rope in Roman Polanski for yucks. This is your essential guide to two fantastic days in the city they call the ‘Paris’ of France: Paris.

Where To Stay: The Five Hotel, 3 Rue Flatters, Paris, 75005

Tucked away on quieter streets but by no means isolated from the heart of the action, The Five (pictured above) brings a modern boutique feel to Paris’ hotel population with a soupcon of Daft Punk-style electronics. Book a stay in one of their luminescent ‘Superior Glimmering Rooms’ and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Where To Eat: Helene Darroze, 4 Rue d’Assas, Paris, 75006

The French do like themselves a high quality munch-up or two and where better to be spoilt rotten for choice than Paris. When push comes to shove, you really can’t beat Restaurant Helene Darroze, a Michelin 2-star dazzler serving up such favourites as foie gras and salmon direct from the Adour river.

Where To Get Macaroons: Laduree, 21 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, 75006

Even though there are two outposts in London now, it's still worth a detour to visit the original gangster of fancy sweet treats: the mighty Laduree on Rue Bonaparte. Stock up on flavours as diverse as jasmine mango and bergamot, and don’t forget to have a go on their handmade marshmallows. Le nom nom nom, as the French would never actually say.

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