4 Futuristic Hotel Concepts

Futuristic Hollywood films have inspired hotel designers to come up with outlandish designs for globetrotters who wish to experience the exceptional wonders of technology. Brace yourself as we take you on a probe of the futuristic hotel concepts around the world.

Dynamic Tower,Dubai. Brilliant architectural minds continue to whir in Dubai, producing hotel designs that are even more high-tech than the renowned 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel. But why settle for only 7 stars? David Fisher of the Dynamic Architecture Group has come up with the concept of first-ever self-powered rotating skyscraper that will not only function as a hotel but as an office and residential building as well. 79 wind turbines will be fitted between each floor, allowing all 80 of them to rotate 360 degrees independent of one another. Want to catch sunrise and sunset from the same spot? That’s no problem for this high-tech building, which can be “adjusted to the season, weather, or to capture a special moment.”

Full Moon Hotel, Azerbaijan. Geekdom descends upon Azerbaijan with the concept of the 382-room hotel modelled on the Death Star, the infamous space station-slash-weapon of Darth Vader’s empire in the film Star Wars. This luxury hotel will feature two apartment complexes overlooking the Caspian Sea, to be called Palace of Wind 1 and 2. Let’s just hope the Jedi knights don’t decide to attack it once it’s finished.

CSS Skywalker, Las Vegas. A honeymoon in space won’t remain a fantasy anymore with the concept of Commercial Space Station Skywalker (CSS), the “inflatable space hotel” in Las Vegas. Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace is literally aiming for the stars with this GBP 3-billion-project that’s set to launch into space. Catch amazing ocean views flying past your windows, learn weightless acrobatics, marvel at the face of the Earth, and gaze deep into the galaxy from within this unique hotel.

Lunatic Hotel. You’ll be singing Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon in this hotel satellite that’s literally out of this world. A brainchild of Hans-Jurgen Rombaut of the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, the four-star hotel guarantees guests safety with its habitation capsules and double-occupancy towers. Although the hotel doesn’t necessarily promise that you can sing among the stars and see what spring is like from Jupiter and Mars, it offers dramatic lunarscapes and low-gravity games on your moon holiday.

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