2011: New Zealand during the school holidays

Why is New Zealand the perfect venue for school holidays in 2011?

In 2011 in New Zealand, the school holidays are a great excuse to explore this beautiful country. There is a wide range of places to visit and so many activities your family will be spoilt for choice.

Both the North and South Islands offer terrific outdoor experiences. There are world famous treks. You can go sailing, even within its largest cities. You can travel through large national parks by kayak. You can go whale spotting.  Or you can enjoy all the traditional urban past times – theatre, cinema, shopping sprees.

Sightseeing opportunities during the 2011 New Zealand school holidays

The October school holidays coincide with spring. The climate is perfect, and the countryside is coming into full bloom. Alexandra, in Central Otago, and Hastings in Hawkes Bay, both celebrate with blossom festivals.

Auckland’s Kowhai Festival (www.eventfinder.co.nz/2011/oct/warkworth/kowhai-festival-2011) offers childrens dog shows and family picnics, as well as music and wine for the adults.

Events are always at their peak during New Zealand public holidays.

Activities for parents during New Zealand School Holidays 2011

While there are many places to keep kids occupied, you’ll also need ‘grown-up time’. New Zealand has excellent local cuisine and opportunities to indulge in wine tasting.

New Zealand is renowned for some of the most affordable and tax free shopping in the world. In all the major cities – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington – as well as the international airports, you’ll find duty and tax free outlets.

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