2011 ‘birthday destinations’ on wheels.

For those who like to watch drivers’ and bikers’ living in the fast lane, Lonely Planet have included two motor races in their recent list of ‘10 best things to do in 2011’.

The first is the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorbike race, which has its 100th birthday in 2011. The quiet Isle transforms for two weeks in May and June for the Tourist Trophy, a rip roaring motorbike race that attracts 50,000 people every year, keen to watch the finest road racers on the planet pit their skills against the 37¾ miles of public roads that form the legendary TT circuit. You can reach the Isle of Man by plane, or by boat from Liverpool, and you can get around the island on foot, or by rental bike. Visit the Manx Museum in Douglas, where you can see an exhibition of past Tourist Trophy winners. This year’s race starts on the 30th of May.

Further afield, the US's premier motor race also turns 100 in 2011. Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts the event over the Memorial Day weekend in late May, but will be celebrating the race all month, when you can take a bus tour of the 2.5-mile oval track at a suitably slower pace. But if you want to see the actual race, remember that 450,000 fans will be turning up, so plan well ahead. Get more information on www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com

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