Search over 1800 hotels in Lanzarote

1800 hotels in Lanzarote

Find and book a hotel for your holiday in Lanzarote for winter 2011 or for spring and summer 2012. Hotel websites allow your to search over 1800 hotels in Lanzarote which means you are pretty much guaranteed to find a hotel that is perfect.

For a site with a huge array of hotels available for booking in Lanzarote, try booking.com. It is a listing website which trawls through a database of matching hotels in the destination of your choice so you dont have to waste time checking each accomodation indivdually. Booking.com gives you options to search by destination, date, and number or room required. Prices for a seven night stay in Lanzarote start from as little €170 for a two person apartment at the Apartmentos Sol. A four person apartment is available for around €200 per person at the same accomodation.

Hotels4u is another great option for searching through available acomodation in Lanzarote based on your needs. The site is easy to use and search options are available to minimise the number of properties that your search returns. At hotels4u, prices for up to 1800 hotels in Lanzarote start from as little as £8 per person per night.

To get to Lanzarote, many cheap airlines fly from UK airports to Lanzarote. Prices start from around £100 return. Thomson flights currently has a return flight from London Gatwich to Lanzarote airport for only £98 return. Flights can be booked now for summer 2012 for around the same price too.

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