17 Mile Drive, California

The Monterey Penninsula in California has to be one of the most beautiful sections on the whole Pacific Coast that begins in Alaska and ends in Chile. One of the highlights when in the Monterey area is 17 Mile Drive which, in California, offers some of the best for tourists.

Golfer's Paradise

17 Mile Drive in California is a short stretch of road that leads you through Pebble Beach from Highway 1 to Carmel. The name of the road is self explanatory as it literally stretches 17 miles from when you exit the highway to the moment you reach Carmel. Motorbiikes are not permitted to drive on 17 Mile Drive at any time so you will need to rent a car instead of a two wheeler.

Once on 17 Mile Drive you get to experience some amazing scenic ocean views as the road winds its way around the Californian coast. The coast views are enhanced significantly as they are over some of the best golf courses in the United States including the reknowned Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Cypress Point. Once done with the golf, why not try some wine tasting as Monterey County is home to over 80 different wine makers.

The road meanders through some amazing forest scenery which offers up a great chance to park up and go for a quick walk. Monterey Bay has plenty of water activities to keep tourists of all interests busy and you can view Humpback whales as they migrate up and down the eastern coast as well several other types of whale such as Orca's and Blue whales not to mention a bountiful of dolphins.

Fly to California

If 17 Mile Drive in California appeals to you then head over to Skyscanner where you can pick up a flight to San Francisco from London for around £400 round trip. Once you touch down in San Francisco it is just a short 2 hour drive to Monterey Bay and 17 Mile Drive.

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