Looking for 10 Day Holiday Packages from Ireland? Read On!

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Get your suncream out. Check you passport. Book time off work. Pull out those holiday shorts because not only are we going on a holiday we going on a 10 day holiday! When 14 nights is too long and 7 too short where is the happy medium? The happy medium is 10 day holiday packages from Ireland.

Ok so where can we fly to from Ireland for a 10 day package holiday? You can choose from Costa Dorada or Costa del Sol in Spain, the Algarve in Portugal, the Canaries, Greece, the Balearics, Italy, Croatia and the Balkans. Get the picture? Yes you can go pretty much anywhere for your 10 day sojourn to the sun.

What's more - with so many holiday dealers in Ireland you can get great competitive prices on 10 day holiday packages from Ireland by going with your choice of broker. You have Sunway, Falcon, Budget Travel and many more to choose from.

Okay - so going with Sun Holidays for a 10 day package we found a really great deal - top notch accommodation, with half board and at a great price. Flying to Spain's Mallorca you get your breakfast and dinner in a three star hotel for 10 nights for only €719 per person and that includes all flights, transfers and accommodation. What a great price for those extra few days and the food on top of it?

With Falcon Holidays you can also get great deals on 10 day holiday packages from Ireland. Going to Greece for 10 days in September with self catering accommodation and three star accommodation you get a bargain price. You'l be staying on the idylic Zantes in the Ilios Aparthotel and all for only €630 per person. So get packing!


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