Companies that Offer 1 Person Holidays

There are many advantages to selecting 1 person holidays. While safety can be an issue, you have the freedom to do anything that you want and go to anywhere that you have dreamed of. If you’re an active and outgoing person, it’s unlikely that you will struggle in finding something to do or people to talk to.

There are some companies that promote their 1 person holidays and you can go with a group of other singletons. It’s worth booking a holiday with one of these companies, especially if you are worried about safety or loneliness while you travel.

Travelone.co.uk is just one company that specialises in holidays for one person. You can go to a variety of places all around the world and select to travel from the airport that is closest to you. Egypt is a popular destination for many people and one holiday option is the Nile Cruise. If you fly from Birmingham between 18 July 2011 and 15 Sept 2011, you will pay £70 for the 5 hour flight.

Justyou.co.uk is another company that has been created for those who are travelling solo. There are over 40 countries that you could select from and you can fly from anywhere in Britain. You could take a trip around the Alps, covering Austria, Switzerland and other neighbouring countries, for seven days between September and October 2011. The prices start from as little as £845 when you book through the website. That price includes your stay and travel and the entrance fees to some of the amazing sights along the trip.

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