The McBig Map

Love a Big Mac & fries or loathe everything the capitalist junkies stand for, with over 47 million customers in 119 countries McDonalds is a true monster in the burger business, and nowhere bigger than its home country of the US.

To prove it, an imaginative t’interweb blogger has pinpointed every single McDonalds in America, and, as predicted there’s bleeding millions of them. Well 13,000 to be precise.

The glorious / nightmare vision of America, named the ‘Big Map’ was created by Stephen Von Worley and shows that you’re never more than 145 miles (somewhere in South Dakota if you’re interested) from those famous golden arches and an acne-ridden student. No wonder all Americans* are fat

See the full map at Stephen's blog weathersealed.com

*If American, change to Canadian.

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