7 star luxury lodgings in Turkey

No, Seriously – remember the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? Well it’s here – no kidding. At this place, palace, illusion, hedonistic oasis – we're not sure what to call it – they’ve got a dolphinarium featuring a walrus that sings karaoke and an indoor recreation of a continental thoroughfare, with a daily artificial thunderstorm!

If you’ve got a clear conscience and a low carbon footprint, then blast it all and let loose at Europe’s only 7 Star Hotel, the awfully named Rixos Premium Hotel in Turkey. Contact 00 90 242 710 2000;

Or if a bit of reconnecting with the hubby/missus, or someone else's for that matter is what you're after, then you’ll have to pack lightly and forget the sun cream and slip into something transparent for the Adam and Eve Hotel, claimed to be the world’s sexiest hotel. The fact that the hotel has more mirrors, most of which are on the ceilings, than have been produced in Turkeyin the last two years, may have something to do with it. Or is it the personal 'angel' that every guest gets assigned to take care of their every need?

Mmmm, 80s flashback or a thundering good time? We know what our choice is.

Contact 00 90 242 710 1400; for info. And don’t forget to pack the fig leaf.

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